TESTA Ltd. has always pursued to become a serious and high-quality partner for their clients. By the range of products and handling of commissions on a very high level TESTA Ltd. achieves the objective – to satisfy even the most demanding customers’ requirements. Since the introduction of TESTA Ltd. to the construction market, the company accentuates the highest possible quality of work, operational service and environmental protection.

TESTA Ltd. provides the service on the first-rate and stable level. These standards are reached by following tools:

  • the application of latest domestic and foreign technologies and continuous innovation of production plan according to market’s requirements
  • using of certificated materials with compliance test certificate
  • hiring of qualified employees and their continuous training
  • management on all levels focuses on active and personal attitude towards the employees

Easy communication, a delivery of materials or building of complex units and providing service to its customers are not the only merits of TESTA Ltd. An emphasis is put on every client in order to provide the best service, accommodate his requirements and ensure that deliveries and service are provided in declared quality.

TESTA Ltd. intends to maintain and even strengthen its position on the construction market. In order to do that TESTA Ltd. will keep providing the service of best possible quality and develop mutual cooperation and trust with their clients.